We're fortune enough to have a superb team and enjoy a mu
ch higher team member retention rate than others within our industry. Perhaps that’s because we have a senior management team who knows it is better to train and retain talented people than it is to constantly have to interview, hire and train new people. How we do so in this normally volatile industry is our secret, but by working with us you’ll be working with experts, many of whom have five, ten, fifteen and some over twenty years experience at Accurate Mailings.

Call Accurate Mailings and you get a live receptionist ready to help you with whatever your needs, not a phone tree. When you choose to work with us there is a Customer Service Account Manager permanently assigned to your organization, for life. However, with Accurate Mailings you also have unprecedented access to every level of management should the need arise and we'll even give you an organizational chart when you come by for a visit. Or, heck, why not try calling one of the executives below, and find out what easy access is all about.

Joe Vitangeli, CEO

Scott Vitangeli, President

Brian Cutter, VP Marketing