Have you ever had the problem of not being able to talk to a live person about your project? Ever leave a message with "the guy who takes orders" only to find no one ever gets back to you? Have you spent a lot of time going over project details and when you receive a quote it doesn't even address your requests--was anyone listening to you?

At Accurate Mailings we have a team of dedicated sales professionals whose only job is to listen to you and then team with you to figure out the best solution to your communications needs. We aren't part time customer service representatives but experts in the field of direct communications. We ca
n brainstorm with you to improve your response rate and lower your postage, or they can meet any of your other direct communication needs.

Your account executive is always ready, not only to provide solutions for customers but also to act as a consultant to those that need guidance and questions answered. Direct Mail is not as cut-and-dried as some people may think. There are constant changes in postal regulations that must be adhered to when mailing. The particular design of a mail piece may have a huge impact on the response rate as well as the costs to process the piece and the postage rate it will receive. An Account Executive from Accurate Mailings is here to assist so you can keep mailing cost and postage to a minimum.

We want to take the hassle out of your mailing project!

We offer something nobody else offers in the Bay Area--a renowned, published direct-mail expert to review your creative piece at no extra charge when you do your mailings with us. Along with your list, the creative is the most important determiner of your response rate. Ask your account executive how you can take advantage of this free offer.

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